Meet Dena, the unofficial Queen of the Lesser Antilles.  She’s a first-gen Caribbean gyal representing her parents’ nations of Grenada and Guyana. Brooklyn born and raised (cue air horns), she is a sexual health educator for adolescents and adults in NYC. In her free time, she enjoys amassing random information so she’s ready for bar trivia at any moment, lamenting about online dating, and steupsing anytime she sees a gentrifier in [formally] lower-income neighborhoods. Fun Fact: If you say “birth control” three times, she’ll randomly appear ready to give you an unsolicited rant about the joys of contraceptives!

Photo credit: Jessica Hughee

Tara is a hybrid of Freddie and Lena from A Different World, with the occasional ditz and sass of Whitley Gilbert. When filling out her Census form, she marks the box next to “Black/African American.” Tara may jokingly call herself Regular Black, but she knows there’s nothing dull or regular about the Black experience. Raised in both New York and South Florida, Tara returned to the Empire State to pursue a career in counseling. She recently graduated with a degree in Pastoral Counseling, but considers her greatest accomplishment to be snagging tickets to the Black Smithsonian Museum. When she’s not working as a domestic violence counselor, she enjoys going to brunch, watching Scandal, and laughing at cat videos on Instagram for an undisclosed amount of time.

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Photo credit: Jessica Hughee

Born in the Bronx and raised in the Queen City of the Sound, Chidera is a first-generation Igbo-Nigerian madam. She is a public health clinic coordinator for a NYC-based teen sexual health program and is also a full spectrum doula. Off the clock, Dera enjoys traveling, working out, and is always down to check an item off her thrill-seeking bucket list (which includes skydiving and riding motorcycles she has no business on). In true ratchedemic fashion, Dera is forever moving throughout academic spaces and has zero patience for respectability politics. She is super excited for the opportunity to rep for “every continent” in Africa. You can follow her journey as she inadvertently lowers her bride-price: @chideraera.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetPhoto credit: Jessica Hughee

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